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Australia Visa Singapore

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Australia Visa Singapore

Nowadays, the Australia Tourist and the Business visitor visa are very easy for Singaporen and other ETA / eVisitor visa eligible countries to apply online. The Australia Visa Singapore is one of the most popular, reliable and contributive

Australia Visa Application

center in Singapore.

From Australia Visa Singapore, you can get your Australia visa within 15 minutes for urgent cases. This service is known as ‘Instant ETA’. We also provide other three services for Australia VISA applicants those services known as ‘Express ETA’ for 60 minutes, ‘Standard ETA’ for 6 hours and ‘General ETA’ for 24 hours respectively. All Australia ETA visa’s validity is 1 year with multiple entry and each entry can stay maximum 3 months.

How to apply Australia Visa from Singapore?

There are three simple steps to apply from the website Australia Visa Singapore:

Australia Visa application process as Single visitor or Family/Group visitors -

  • In first step, you have to provide your nationality, travel purposes, number of visitors, contact email, phone number and address information.
  • In second step, you have to provide all visitors passport information one by one.
  • Last step you can choose any service (Instant ETA-15 minutes, Express ETA-60 minutes, Standard ETA-6 hours or General ETA-24 hours) type as your needs and make sure the payment for the specific service. After completing above steps you will get confirmation email with your application reference number and payment invoice.
  • After complete above steps you will get confirmation email with your application reference number with payment invoice.

Note : ETA Visa Subclass 601 and eVisitor Visa Subclass 651 both are same and validity is 1 year with multiple entries and each entry you can stay maximum 3 months.

From where you will get The ETA visa approval

By following ways, you will get your Australia ETA Visa from Australia Visa Singapore:

  • Once visa approve you will get confirmation email from Australia Travel Australia via and this email will send you from Australia Immigration system.
  • The Australia Visa Singapore will also send you an email confirmation with the Australia ETA Visa approval copy as pdf.
  • You are also allowed to download visa from this website using application reference number until visa expires.
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