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Electronic Travel Authority to Australia

To all the visitors who want to visit Australia for business or tourism purpose, they have to apply for a permit from the Electronic Travel Authority through us (Australia Visa Singapore) because we provide ETA Visa Service on behalf of them and our online service support is seven days in a week and twenty-four hours a day.

The Australia ETA Visa is acceptable for a stay of a maximum three months from the day of application.

The Electronic Travel Authority expires after one year. With this document, a visitor can travel to Australia as many times as possible as long as you are within the validity period.

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Australia - Tourist & Business Visa eligible countries

Subclass 601 - Eligible Countries

Australia Visa Singapore Australia Visa Singapore
Australia Visa Singapore Australia Visa Singapore
Australia Visa Singapore Australia Visa Canada
Australia Visa Singapore Australia Visa Singapore

Subclass 651 - Eligible Countries

Australia ETA Visa Requirements To request an Australia ETA visa whether for tourism or business
purposes certain requirements must be met:

Some specific requirements meet a tourism or business Australia ETA requisition. For one to apply for the online Australia ETA, the visitor must not be located within Australia territory.
The individual applying for the Electronic Travel Authority must also be from one of the countries that are accepted by Australia.
The person must also be free from diseases such as tuberculosis when arriving at the borders.
Also, the person if by any chance had any criminal case; he should not have served a jail term of more than twelve months.
A person who is free from any previous illegal activities will most likely get access to Australian ETA Visa. For those whose countries are not listed by the Australian embassies, they are not eligible to apply for the Australia ETA Visa or Australia eVisitor Visa.

Australia Business Visa Singapore

The significant features are similar to those of a tourist Australia ETA Visa. However, there are additions as listed below.

A person having an Australian business electronic travel application is eligible to free conference attendance and seminars.

The person having this Australia Business ETA Visa can also sign commercial contracts for business purposes.

One can also represent the country he is coming from by doing business on behalf of his government bodies.

Australia Business visa allows for individuals on business to stay in Australia for business related reasons for three months in a entry.

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Australia Tourist Visa Singapore

The ETA main features are identical to those of the ETA tourist visa, but with the addition of the following possibilities
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Most of the features are similar to those of a Australia tourist visa.

The Australia tourist ETA is valid for one year from issuance date. The visitor can stay at Australian soil for a maximum of three months. For a multiple- entry visa ETA, the holder can leave and then come back for another three months stay. You can repeat this process severally until the ETA visa expires.

With this Australia tourist ETA, you can tour all parts of Australia freely. The electronic card also permits you to visit family friends and relatives who reside in Australia.

Also, with a Australia tourist ETA Visa, you can study in Australia for a course that does not exceed three months. You can, for example, study an English class.

For those having plans of relocating to Australia, the Australia ETA tourism visa enables you to case study the area you would like to settle in once you come here. You can attend information conferences with this tool.

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