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ETA - Visa Types
ETA (Tourist) Subclass 601-T

This visa is given to tourists visiting Australia. The permit is valid for one year equivalent to twelve months. With this Authorization, one can stay in Australia for a maximum of three months from the arrival date.

ETA (Business) Subclass 601-B

It works the same way as the Australian Electronic Travel Authority tourist visa. It is mainly issued to business people who tour Australia for business purposes. It permits you to visit Australia for up to three months to finish up business.

eVisitor ETA (Tourist) Subclass 651-T

This type is given to those people who come to visit family friends and relatives in Australia. It has recently been introduced to the European Union passport holders who tours Australia. It is also valid for

eVisitor ETA (Business) Subclass 651-B

There is also an evictor business ETA subclass 651-B for those who come to visit on a business mission. The visa is eligible for negotiating and searching business opportunities and attending meetings at conferences. One can stay in Australia for up to three months with this ETA and is valid for a time frame of twelve months from the time of application. Only those from eligible countries are advised to apply.

Each passport holder must have their own ETA Visa. Please have the passport details for each traveller ready.
Nationality Not Listed

For those whose countries are not listed on the ETA list eligibility, they will have to contact their countries embassies and high commissioners.

British subjects, British protected persons, and British overseas citizens are among those not eligible for this and are therefore advised to apply for subclass 600.